Are You Ready to Turn the Page?

Simple, Straightforward Couples Counseling in North Central Dallas

No one ever said staying married was easy.

You might already know this, but committed, long-term relationships can be really, really tough.

And you know this in your bones, but you never bargained for what’s going on now.

You wouldn’t be on this page if you didn’t live that every day.

You’re tired of the fights that never stop

No one wins and both of you lose.

How can it be so hard for him to understand? When will she stop the never-ending nitpicking and the constant complaints about nothing?

A simple request is taken as character assassination.

You ask yourself over and over, “How much more of this can I take?”

The agony of indecision…

If you leave, what will it do to the kids? But, if you stay, what will it do to the kids?

You’re tired of the crapshoot every night when you get home, of the empty house at daybreak because he left-again-before-you-got-up.

How many hockey games after work can one person go to? Do the Stars even play that much? What in the hell is going on?

You are living in a relationship on the brink.

One with a massive investment in blood, sweat, tears, money and your way of life.

You won’t give it up easily, but you can’t seem to make it work, at least, not all on your own.

Is there an end? Is there help for this?

The answers are: yes and yes.

It might be that the underlying emotional structures that support a relationship have collapsed, and it is over except for the saying so.

It is very difficult to come to grips with this, but infinitely worthwhile. I can help as you come to accept what only you can know for sure.

Relief is right in front of you.

And, if the emotions are still there, I can help you see how you might be fighting a battle in the relationship that really needs to be fought somewhere else.

I will help you understand that the only person who can help you solve the problems in your relationship is the one you are fighting, day in and day out.

Along the way, I will share the simple steps involved in having productive, not destructive conflict.

Wouldn’t it be great to realize your partner is… your partner?

By now I think you know the only thing left to do is get all this noise out of your head and call this number: (214) 629-6315

Schedule your free 20-minute consult to find out if we fit, so you can turn the page and start a new life.