Read What My Clients Are Saying

“Forget your preconceptions. Jim has a unique ability to identify common-sense, workable solutions to complex problems. As a former client who has steered others his way, and will again, I’m most impressed by the way he blends intellect, pragmatism, and a broad and deep understanding of human nature – particularly the ways we go about sabotaging ourselves.” Dan F.
Dan F.
"Finding the “right” therapist on my road to recovery was a challenge. Having experienced both physical and sexual abuse as a child, I found it difficult to trust most therapists. But Dolan demonstrated “above and beyond” level of commitment to my journey for which I will forever be grateful".S.S.
"Jim helped me so much with my depression. He is the anti-therapist. By that I mean you don't get formulaic approaches with him. You’re as likely to laugh as to cry in sessions. He’ll even help you do something you never thought possible in therapy: leave with confidence. Jim sees you as a real person, not a diagnostic code, and he helps you do the same. You look at issues, you face challenges, you uncover truths and you walk away believing, maybe even for the first time, that there’s hope and that life is worth the work."Susan T.
Susan T.
"When I first realized I needed Jim's help, I never imagined therapy would be something I would talk about with my friends and family. But now after working through issues resulting from personal trauma, divorce from an emotionally unstable partner and bouts of depression I want to recommend it to everyone who is suffering emotional pain. If I ever write a book about my life, I will devote a whole chapter or more to Jim Dolan. He helped me so much." Veronica