It’s time to find a solution to your relationship challenges

After almost forty years of working with couples, I’ve assembled the following list of  symptoms indicating a relationship is on the verge of failure.

  • Feeling Distant
  • Increase in Arguing or Negativity
  • Lack of Affection
  • Overt Expressions of Contempt
  • Increase in Anger, Hostility and/or Sarcasm
  • Avoidance of Each Other; Stonewalling
  • Challenges to trust, i.e. affairs; hiding cell phone/texting; suspicious absences

If You’re Having One or More of the Signs Listed Above, it’s time to take action.

For most couples, a lack of skills blocks the path to recovery. They simply do not know that there is a way to handle these difficulties in communication, anger management, commitment, conflict resolution and/or intimacy skills.

You may not know how to successfully resolve ongoing hurts/resentments; betrayal of trust; affairs; cheating or other infidelity-related issues; verbal abuse; anger; and/or distance/lack of closeness in your relationship.

The good news? These skills can be taught to motivated couples. For more information about how couples counseling can help you resolve your relationship challenges, please call or text me at 214-629-6315 or email at

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Couples Therapy

In my practice, Couples Therapy is based on learning Authentic Dialog– a stable, fulfilling and open ended conversation where partners reveal themselves as they truly are. The art of keeping this conversation alive and well is the secret to a long term relationship worth having.

Premarital Counseling

For premarital counseling, the art of Authentic Dialog is introduced and practiced.  It is never too early to start, and knowing how it works can help people navigate the struggles of early commitment.

Family Therapy

When one or more of your children are acting out; having academic or behavioral problems; or are just creating ongoing conflicts at home, Family Therapy can really help.

Since 1978, I have helped hundreds of couples, straight, gay – dating, engaged, or married – solve their relationship problems and create healthy, fulfilling, loving relationships.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Couples’ Therapy:
Length of therapy

We always begin with an identification of goals. To achieve those goals, couples are asked to carry therapy out of the office and into their lives by deliberately changing the way they behave- this can be called ‘homework’. I ask people to think in terms of as few as six sessions as an effective minimum.Of course there are some more complex situations which require a series of goals and resolutions that take place sequentially over time. All of this can be discussed and clarified during our initial evaluation session. Because I have specialized in relationship issues for almost forty years, I have almost certainly dealt with any relationship or couples’ issues you may have.

Choosing a Couples’ Therapist

The unfortunate fact is that many psychotherapists perform Couples’ Therapy who have not been trained to do so. I have found through experience and research that the most effective couples’ therapy combines skill-building with feedback and insight on communication patterns and processes, along with regular homework assignments. Couples’ sessions where the therapists merely referee arguments tends to not produce any long-lasting changes in relationship patterns. You can expect me to be active, directive and to intervene when necessary. Easily half of my practice is couples therapy, and has been since becoming a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marital and Family Therapy in 1981.


Some things to know about using insurance: First, many insurances do not cover Couples Therapy, they only reimburse for individual diagnoses like Anxiety or Depressive disorders.  Please call or write to discuss this in greater detail.

Second, I do not work directly with insurances, but will provide you with documents you need to secure reimbursement. Again, please call or write to discuss this in greater detail.