Anxiety Treatment in Dallas, TX

For anxiety therapy to be effective, it helps to know what it is, and what it is not.  I like to think of anxiety as something normal to human life, rather than abnormal.  So, good treatment for anxiety begins with putting it in its right context, as something normal to human life.  In an evolutionary sense, we are fragile creatures, and our senses and instincts are geared toward survival in a world where threat is constant and we were frequently prey for species faster, stronger, more powerful than us.
We are therefore prepared to have senses acutely attuned to signals from the environment that predict threat.  This acute attunement is what we now experience as anxiety, although now, in our modern world, we can just as easily see a saber tooth tiger in a column of numbers on a bank statement as we once could while out roaming the bush.
In my treatment for anxiety, I don’t try to ‘make it go away’ so much as I work to help my client see less need to feel so anxious.  I also believe that anxiety comes from a condition in which the client is persistently, habitually avoiding the difficult but normal challenges of everyday life.  I then want to help him or her find the courage and resources to confront them.  There is much satisfaction to be had in solving a problem that’s been dogging you for a long time!
Lastly, anxiety can come from asking oneself to live in a relationship or environment that is unhealthy.  It can be a signal that the problems need to be addressed or the relationship ended.  Anxiety is almost always pointing at something we need to confront, but are unwilling to.  I like to think of anxiety therapy as the possibility of growth and mature individuality.
So, you might want to think about our time working together in your anxiety therapy as a way to further your growth and development.  I’d welcome the opportunity