About Me

I have been called ‘the anti-therapist’. The person who said that meant that I don’t apply formulaic approaches, or speak psychobabble. You’re as likely to laugh as cry in session. I work to help my clients have an experience some have said is not common in therapy, which is to leave meetings with confidence. To me you are a real person, not a diagnostic code, and I hope to help you see yourself in a way different from the stuck position you were suffering in. Together, we look at issues, face challenges, and with some luck you will uncover truths and walk away believing, maybe even for the first time, that there’s hope and that life is worth the work.
I am a Dallas native. I graduated with honors from University of Dallas. I have been a therapist since 1978, and in private practice since 1983. I have worked with parolees in half-way houses, addiction centers, public mental health and psychiatric hospitals. Prior to entering graduate school, I worked in the Adolescent Unit at Terrell State Hospital. My exposure to clients has been wide, and deep.

I also do considerable coaching and consulting work with the business community, advising on matters of leadership, peer and client relations, and business development.

In all my work, my effort is to create the most direct, person to person relationships, and as much as possible avoid the use of boilerplate and ready made, easy to hand formulations that obscure rather than enhance authentic understanding.

Jim Dolan
Executive Coach